Information to parents about MovieStarPlanet

What is MovieStarPlanet?

MovieStarPlanet is a social online world with a MovieStar theme.
While it is a lot about having fun, MovieStarPlanet has also been developed with an emphasis on learning the English language. MovieStarPlanet has been developed in close cooperation with the Danish University of Education and a number of elementary school teachers. MovieStarPlanet has been developed with financial support from the Danish Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation.

What can my child do at MovieStarPlanet?

Basically have fun while learning English.
Each child gets a personalized MovieStar character which can be used in animation movies, in chat rooms and games, and for making friends all over the world. The MovieStar characters will earn fame points and StarCoins when creating movies, and these can be used to buy new costumes, new animations and much more, which will allow new and better movies to be created.

Who uses MovieStarPlanet and is it safe?

MovieStarPlanet is safe and it is for everyone.
MovieStarPlanet is for children aged 10-15. It is a great MovieStarPlanet is a great and safe place to spend time with friends and meet new friends all over the world. At we are committed to keep MovieStarPlanet a safe and secure place on the internet, and in order to do so

Do you register my child's personal information?

No, only username, password and nationality information is needed to create an account.
Users can optionally register an e-mail address which is used in case they forget their password.

How does MovieStarPlanet improve my child's english skills?

When making animated movies in MovieStarPlanet, the children will through self-expression improve their spoken and written English skills. As MovieStarPlanet is web based, children can communiate and connect friendships with other children around the world, thus improving their English skills.

What does it cost?

MovieStarPlanet is free to use in it's basic form.
Any user can enjoy MovieStarPlanet for as long as she or he wants without ever having to pay anything. However, if one does not have the patience to earn the StarCoins by making movies and playing games; it is possible to buy StarCoins for real money. Also, certain clothes and items are only for paying users, who are known as VIP members of MovieStarPlanet. To ensure that the children do not spend too much money, each user profile can only buy StarCoins for 8 per. week. Additionally, as of April 11th 2010, MovieStarPlanet has also added a spending limit on individual phone numbers, to insure that the children do not pay for other users profiles.

Why can users spend money on MovieStarPlanet?

Because it costs money to run and develop MovieStarPlanet.
We also need to pay salaries to the moderators who monitors MovieStarPlanet to keep it a safe place on the internet. But please remember that any user can enjoy MovieStarPlanet without ever having to pay anything.

More information?

Please read the user guide here, or write to