MovieStarPlanet User Guide. April 2009.


This user guide explains the main concepts of MovieStarPlanet. For detailed instructions, please refer to the instructional movies in the help menu inside MovieStarPlanet.

In MovieStarPlanet you get a personal virtual MovieStar which is used in movies, chat rooms and games.

In the Movies and chat rooms a microphone can be used to record speechlines and voice chat - please see the "How to record sound" instruction movie for details about how to record sound.

Your MovieStar earns fame points and StarCoins (the virtual money in MovieStarPlanet) when you participate in the MovieStarPlanet virtual world.

StarCoins are earned when other users watch your published movies, when you watch and rate other movies, and when you play games in the chat rooms.

Fame points are earned when other users watch your published movies.

Your MovieStar starts at level 0, and when you earn fame points you rise in levels. New levels give access to new animations and access to chat rooms reserved for MovieStars at higher levels.

StarCoins can be used in shops to buy clothes, costumes, animations, movie backgrounds, movie background music and stuff for your MovieStar's virtual home.

Getting Started

You start by creating your personal MovieStar, by clicking the New User button on the MovieStarPlanet homepage. When this is done you have an account you can use to log in to MovieStarPlanet in the future.

It is free to create an account and everyone can do it.

Once logged in, the help menu in the upper right corner gives access to instructional movies which demonstrate how to make movies, how to make friends etc.

The first time an instructional movie is watched, you are awarded some additional bonus StarCoins.


Starting a new movie

A new movie is created by clicking the "New Movie" sign in the Movie Town area.

First step in creating a movie is to select up to 6 MovieStars to star in the movie. You can choose your own MovieStar, any of your friend's MovieStars and a few extras. The MovieStars you choose are lined up, and from this lineup you can change clothes on each MovieStar. The clothes you can choose from are the clothes that each MovieStar own.

Creating the movie content

When you are finished with choosing MovieStars, the Movie Studio is shown. Here you direct each scene, enter speech lines and select animations.

Please note the timeline bar in the bottom. The timeline bar is used to select and progress the time in each scene, so that it easily can be defined where each MovieStar should be and what each MovieStar should do at different times.

Please watch the "How to make a movie" instruction movie to see how to use the timeline.

Up to 5 scenes can be added to each movie. The scene length can be set for each scene. Each scene can have a different background and different background music. Additional backgrounds and music pieces can be bought in the background and music shops.

Completing the movie

When the movie is done the movie details page is shown. Here you can ask your friends to speech their lines in the movie.

When the movie is finished you can choose to publish the movie, by using the "Send to friends" button.

Please note that you cannot change the movie after it has been published.

Please note that no one can watch you movie until it has been published, and hence you cannot earn fame points or StarCoins for the movie until it is published.


To make new friends you can search by name in the Friends screen, which is accessed from the "Friends" button in the main menu. Please watch the "How to find new friends" instruction movie to see exactly how this is done.

When your friends are active in MovieStarPlanet, their activities pop up in the Friends' Activities bar in the bottom of the screen. From here you can also chat with your friends.

The "What are you doing area"

The "What are you doing area" is located on the left hand side of the screen inside MovieStarPlanet. Here you can write what you are doing right now or what is on your mind. When you click send, all your friends will see this message. Additionally, you can also make your MovieStar make an animation and face expression, to help illustrate your message or emotions, when you send the message.

Chat roooms and Games

There are a number of chat rooms available in the chat area. Besides from chat, the "Game Beach" and the "Quiz Cafe" offers games and quizes which any user can play to win StarCoins.


In the shopping area you can visit different shops where you can buy new clothes, new stuff for you room, backgrounds for movies and new background music for your movies

You can also go to the Actor School and buy lessons to learn new moves (animations). The animations can then be used in your movies, in the "what are you doing" box and in the chat rooms.

My Room and change clothes

In My Room you can display all your non-clothing stuff you buy in the shops, so that your friends and others can see it in your public profile.

In the Change Clohes room you can go and change clothes. You can choose from all the clothes you have bought.

Guest Book

Each MovieStar has a guest book where other users can write messages and greetings.